Integrating ICTs in Health Care

Knowledge Sharing

Cell-phone Data Management

These cell phone trained community health care workers can make care more accessible to everyone.

Review Health Data

Inter-operable Electronic Medical Records

Inter-operable Electronic Medical Records for everyone can facilitate better care. This Amader Gram Breast care nurse is using the Amader Gram system.

Affordable Tests

Use of point-of-care ultrasound in the doctor’s office to image many different organs and tissues is easy, inexpensive and accurate.

Avoidable Suffering

This woman has a complication of a cancer stopping the blood supply to her hand. This is completely avoidable with treatment.

About our program and plans

Amader Gram ICTs for development program of BFES (Bangladesh Friendship Education Society) which is a rural Bangladesh-based non-governmental organization with a successful track record in information and communications technology for development generally and in Cancer eHealth, herewith proposes a major population-directed initiative in Cancer. The details of this initiative are grounded in emerging critical concepts
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